Diamond Jewelry

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Diamonds come in a wide variety of jewelry which includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches and brooches. Diamonds, in fact, are likely to be the most popular type of jewelry and this will be because, not only are they precious gems, people love to wear them and they look good on just about anyone. It makes no difference whether you are male or female, fair or dark, blonde or brunette, you can pretty much guarantee you that wearing diamond jewelry will enhance your overall appearance.



DiamondDiamonds symbolize beauty, love and wealth. The superior brilliance and classic elegance sparkled by diamonds make them the perfect choice to express your unique personality statement. Diamonds are known to accentuate various features that all individuals possess. Diamond jewelry will typically come in a whole spectrum of colors. Therefore, it is possible to purchase certain types of diamond jewelry that will make certain natural features stand out. A great example of this would be a sparkling diamond necklace which encompasses blue tinted diamonds – should a person with bright blue eyes wear this type of necklace and it is likely to bring out the depth of color in their eyes even more. Another example would be a fair skinned woman wearing pink tinted diamond earrings, whereby, once again this will accentuate certain colors such as the woman’s skin.

One of the newest trends in diamond jewelry is the right-hand diamond ring. This has become extremely popular amongst women who do not wish to wait until they are married to wear a diamond. Right-hand diamond rings come in a variety of styles, colors and cuts of diamonds. However, if you would prefer your first diamond ring to actually be an engagement ring, there are many other pieces of diamond jewelry that look just as beautiful and luxurious. Another fairly popular form of jewelry is the diamond necklace. You may either choose to have a gold chain hung with a diamond charm or even a combination of both. Something such as a 14 carat white gold necklace, that is typically paired with a pendant of white or black diamonds, would look fantastic on just about anyone. Black diamonds are far rarer than their white counterparts, although they are just as visually stunning, if not even more.

When looking to purchase diamond jewelry, the actual cut of the diamond is a fairly important factor. Often the cut of a diamond is able to express certain aspects of your personality. The most common, without doubt, is the round brilliant cut diamond. This type of cut of diamond will literally show off the most important facets of any diamond. However, with that said, not all diamonds will expressly come from the Earth’s core in this specific shape. Possibly one of the largest and most fancifully colored yellow diamonds to ever be discovered is the Tiffany diamond. This utilizes the pillow cut which is actually able to show off in excess of 30 additional facets of diamonds in comparison to the round brilliant cut.

There are numerous other cuts of diamond which include the baguette, which comes from the French and means a rod or loaf of bread, the princess cut which typically has a square outline, marquise, heart, pear or briolette which is a type of rose cut. One of the most recently introduced types of diamond cut is the radiant cut. This is fairly similar to the princess, although the edges are rounded as opposed to squared. You will actually find that fashion has greatly affected the more recent cuts of diamonds. However, many cuts of diamonds will increase and reduce in popularity as certain styles go in and out of fashion. With that said, the round brilliant cut is known to be the highest standard of cut diamond, and is also known to have the highest value.

The Art Deco stage of history made the princess cut extremely popular. This was mainly because it bears a striking resemblance to the numerous Art Deco shapes. The princess cut has gone from strength to strength and is known as one of the most popular styles of diamonds. The princess cut is also extremely popular with the vast majority of jewelers as it is known to waste the least amount of natural diamond during the cutting process. This will often produce far larger diamonds, although they will not usually be as valuable as the round brilliant cut diamonds.

Diamonds will typically always be the most sought after types of jewelry, although this will generally mean that they will come with a fairly hefty price tag. However, the price will very much depend on the overall amount of carats and number of diamonds used. Certain items of jewelry will literally be at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. An example may be a pair of small of diamond stud earrings that will typically retail at approximately $50, whereas a large diamond studded pendant necklace may cost well in excess of $10,000.